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Founded in 2022, Allison B. Margolin, PLC functions to exceed all your legal needs. One of the first lawyers to advertise her practice throughout Los Angeles and online, Allison B. Margolin, Esq. (SBN 222370) is a veteran of criminal defense and civil litigation. Both a Columbia University and Harvard Law School alumnus, Allison is passionate about providing each of her clients stellar legal representation and counsel.

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Allison B. Margolin, Esq. has been a California Bar Member since 2003. Most recently, Allison has represented the Hmong community in Siskiyou County in a suit alleging racist code enforcement, and has joined the Legal Alliance for Reproductive Rights. Allison is on the litigation forefront of everything from psychedelic partnership disputes to domestic violence restraining orders; not to mention, she’s also the brains behind North Atlantic Books’ latest memoir, Just Dope.

criminal defense

Criminal Defense

Allison made a name for herself as Los Angeles’ premier criminal defense attorney, best known for fighting for her clients’ seized property and cannabis plants to be returned. She’s also represented a number of clients, whose high-profile cases made headlines up and down California’s coast. Currently, Allison’s criminal practice has expanded to include reproductive rights, code enforcement violations, and immigration challenges. Typical filings include:

Motions for Judicial and/or Mental Health Diversion

Motion to Suppress Evidence Pursuant to Penal Code 1538.5

Motion to Compel Discovery

Motion for Pitchess Compliance

Writ of Mandamus

Sentencing Memos

environmental and land use

Environmental & Land Use

Allison has built a strong relationship with the Hmong community in Mount Shasta, CA through her representation of them in a federal civil suit alleging the county racially targeted Asian residents for code violations and land use. Through this work, Allison has become passionate about water, labor, and land use rights, especially within the context of California’s severe drought.

intellectual properties

Intellectual Property

A crucial part of developing a brand is registering a trademark that reaches a wide audience and attracts clients. Allison is amply familiar with the trademark filing process thanks to her experience with entity formation and brand agreements. While most clients stem from the commercial cannabis sphere, Allison is also able to handle non-cannabis related trademarks.



Allison is ​California’s leading lawyer for cannabis regulatory law. Since legalization in 2016, Allison has handled over 100 license applications and has spearheaded lobbying for commercial cannabis throughout California. Allison is familiar with the ever-changing rules of the regulatory world, as well as an expert in federal versus state law.

business law

Business Law

Mergers & Acquisitions, Partnership Agreements, Brand Agreements, Letters of Intent, CUB/PCN Applications, and Unlawful Detainers are just the surface of Allison’s expertise in the business law arena. Personally familiar with what’s required to run a thriving legal business, there is no person better to consult for all your business law questions and/or concerns.

Who We Are

Allison B. Margolin, PLC was founded in 2022, with offices in Beverly Hills and Yreka, California. Allison B. Margolin, Esq. earned her undergraduate degree at Columbia University in 1999, before completing her Juris Doctorate at Harvard Law School in 2002. Allison passed the California Bar on her first attempt in 2002, and has been practicing criminal defense and civil litigation out of Beverly Hills ever since.

DCR Update

  • On Friday, June 17, 2022, Michelle Garakian, Interim Executive Director of the Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR), published the agency’s April - June 2022 News Bulletin....

  • The Temporary Approval renewal process deadline was recently extended to 2nd November 2021 by the City of Los Angeles Department of Cannabis Regulation (DCR). If your application was not submitted – with renewal fees paid – before this date, your temporary approval(s) for 2021 will expire after 31st December 2021....

  • Beginning December 27, 2021, Applicants and Licensees may request expedited processing of application or modification records by emailing within 72-hours of submitting......

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